Mr Wayne

Your teacher this year is Mr Wayne and your teaching assistant is Lisa.

Welcome back to the children after the Easter break. We hope they enjoyed the Best of British week and it was the start of what will be a very busy term.

During the summer term, our topic will be ‘Walking Through Time’. The children will learn about dinosaurs, evolution and animals from around the world as well as their habitats. In science children will learn about plants and conditions they require to grow. They will also look at animal habitats and food chains. We will also be looking at the topic of shadow and light.

PE Lessons
This term, child will continue with tennis lessons on Monday and will also have a PE lesson on Thursday.  Please can you ensure your child has a complete PE kit – the list of appropriate kit can be found in your child’s homeschool diary. It would be helpful if children had their PE kits in all week as we may need to occasionally swap PE days. Please ensure all PE kit has your child’s name in.

This term, we will be going to the Conkers and visiting the Dinosaur Exhibition in Birmingham. These will be fun and informative trips linked to our topic. Letters for each trip will be sent out in due course.

Water bottles and sun hats
Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in school. Also, as the weather improves, please ensure your child is suitably protected against the sun.

We are really looking forward to an exciting summer term! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Mr Wayne