If your parents/carers have any queries or concerns about this information, please contact the class teacher.

A school uniform is worn by all children. Listed below are the clothes we consider to be suitable:

Blouse or polo shirt (white)   Shirt or polo shirt (white)
School jumper or cardigan (navy)   School jumper (navy)
Plain jumper (navy)   Plain jumper (navy)
Skirt (grey or black) - no more than 2" above / below the knee   Trousers (grey or black) no tracksuits
Trousers (grey or black) No leggings / tracksuits    
White /black/navy socks or tights     
In the summer children may choose to wear:     
Blue cotton dresses   White T-shirt/polo shirt
Skirt and white T-shirt / polo shirt   Grey shorts
Grey shorts    


All pupils are expected to wear uniform. If parents have difficulty in providing this, the Headteacher must be informed. Make-up and nail varnish are not suitable for school days.

Footwear - only sensible black flat shoes (not heels, trainers or boots) must be worn. 

Coats, jumpers, cardigans, t-shirts and polo shirts with the school logo are available from school. Order forms are available from the school office.