Miss OMara

My name is Miss O’Mara and I am the Reception Teacher at Hurley.  Working alongside me is Karen, our class TA and an Early Year Apprentice, Chloe.

This newsletter is to inform you of a few things about the routine in the classroom and to ensure that both you and your child feel comfortable and ready to start school.

Morning Routine
We would like to encourage the children to be as independent as possible from the start of Reception.  In the mornings, please drop your child at the gate of the Reception classroom - this will be extremely helpful as it gives them the opportunity to get to know their new environment and the routines that they need to follow.  We have lots of adults in Reception who will be on hand to help them with their tasks should they need it.  Children will pick up morning routines very quickly this way and enjoy the independence.

Our topic for the first half term is ‘Wonderful Me’ which will involve the children learning to identify and write their name, getting to know each other and describe their characteristics, likes and dislikes.  

If possible, could you please find a photograph of your child as a baby so that we can discuss how we grow and develop and use for a class display.  If you could give the photos to either myself, Karen or Chloe, that would be very much appreciated.

Home/School Diaries
The Home/school diaries are to keep you updated with things that may happen during the day in school.  We also note in there the book your child is currently reading and any comments.  Please feel free to write in this book also, recording anything you think we might need to know and when you hear them read.

Enjoying Books
If your child has a book bag, they will be able to choose a book they would like to share with you at home.   This book will be changed every Friday.

Thursday Afternoons
You are welcome to come into school on a Thursday, at the end of school, to see the work your child has done during the week.  If you are unable to make it on this day please see me to arrange an alternative day.

PE Lessons
Our P.E. lessons are on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  Please make sure your child brings their PE kit it on a Monday, ready for the week’s lessons.  These can be left on pegs.

Tuck Shop
Reception Class do not visit the tuck shop, so please do not send them with money.   Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to school (no chocolate or crisps).  Fruit is available for the children daily.

'Wow' Notes
If your child makes progress with anything at home or you find yourself saying ‘Wow!’ then please take the time to let us know by way of a ‘Wow’ note!  These are located on the Parents’ Board just inside the classroom door.  These achievements, however small, can then be celebrated within the classroom and make a valuable contribution to our ongoing assessments.

Name tags
Could you please ensure that your child has their name or their initials on their cardigans, jumpers, shirts, trousers etc.

Water bottles
Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in school.

Once again, welcome to Hurley, thank you for your support and please do not hesitate to pop in if you need to.

Miss O’Mara